This foundation was created to assist college students and adults with LD/ADHD by granting assistive technology awards to further their educational and vocational needs.

The LD Resources Foundation award program was created to help students diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning disabilities.

Our hope is that these awards will provide the necessary foundation by which these students can build a strong academic future.

The financial assistance we provide will allow college students to receive the testing they need to properly evaluate the assistive technologies needed to accommodate their learning needs. These include recorded textbooks and other technologies, including the Premier Key to Access , Kurzweil LearnStation , Franklin electronic dictionaries and RFB&D Library. The challenges to learning disabled students with financial needs are greater than most. For many, it is often the first time they are faced with the challenges of learning what types of accommodations they need, and applying for them at their schools. Often, college students’ prior test results which document their learning disabilities are too old to satisfy college and university requirements to provide the aid they need. Often, due to their financial situation, students cannot pay for additional testing. Consequently, they are not able to receive the accommodations they need, such as recorded textbooks and other assistive devices. They are in a veritable catch-22 situation. As a result, many drop out.

I was inspired to create LD Resources Foundation when I realized the predicament faced by these students.

In the late ‘90s, when I decided to go back to university, dyslexia and ADHD were often in the news. I knew I’d have to conquer my old fears about reading, writing and note-taking. I never imagined that my test results, which were slightly too old to satisfy the university’s requirements, would be considered out-dated. The university officials I spoke to were totally unwilling to discuss any accommodations until they saw current test results–as if, at my age, my learning disabilities would have just disappeared by themselves.

Even after I had submitted the required documentation, the school made it very difficult for me to receive the assistance to which I was entitled. I had to educate myself and learn to get everything I needed the hard way. It was an extremely difficult experience, and I often felt very much alone. I then decided that I didn’t want other LD students, or other people, to have to go through what I had gone through, so I formed LD Resources Foundation, which is here to assist young adults to succeed.

We realize that some students who need financial aid fall between the cracks and that some students with LD can’t take on a full semester’s program. It is my hope that by providing those people with assistance, eventually they will be in a position to give back to the community, perhaps by assisting others to conquer their Dyslexia or ADD.