What is a Key Award? 

Students at college/university who are financially disadvantaged and who have not had testing for their learning disability within the past two years (or in accordance with their school’s requirements) are prevented from receiving accommodation from the learning disabilities departments of their schools and accommodations are the key to their academic success. 

College presents new problems for these individuals. For the first time, they are not only faced with having to keep up with more demanding academic requirements, but now they are also faced with the financial burden of paying for the testing needed to qualify them for any help in school. Key Awards are meant to help support those students, so they can reach their full potential.


Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The LD Resources Foundation Inc. (LDRF) is seeking applicants for Scholarship Awards, which are available to students of high merit attending college/university who have an identified learning disability.
To be eligible for the Scholarship Key Award, an applicant must:

* Demonstrate financial need
* Have documentation attesting to learning difficulties during high school
* Have not received testing for learning disability within the past two years (or in current accordance with their school’s policy

* Be enrolled at a college/university with the intention of pursuing an undergraduate degree
* Taking a minimum of 9 credits per semester

How To Apply:
Click here to get the application which can be submitted via email or regular mail.

Student Award Checklist:
Click here to get the Student Award Checklist which must be submitted along with your application.

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List of Awards:
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