Mission Statement- vision and about us

The LD Resources Foundation is committed to overcoming barriers, and providing access to knowledge, for adults with learning disabilities.

Vision Statement

*We believe that all individuals with learning disabilities who want to attend a college, use a library, go to a museum or pursue employment should be able to do so successfully.

*We collaborate with and inspire colleges, libraries, museums, correctional facilities and employers to provide accessible, assistive technologies to all who need them.

*We are known as the benchmark organization and pacesetter for excellence in service delivery for individuals with learning disabilities who are pursuing their dream of a college education or a satisfying career.

*We are seen as a training and communications leader in educating the post secondary college community and students with learning disabilities in the use of new and innovative technology.

*We meet and respond to new and emerging needs for persons with learning disabilities that facilitate full engagement in post secondary learning and employment.

*We can provide our services wherever they are needed.

*We are proud of our customer satisfaction.

*We demonstrate the highest ethical and fiscal responsibility.

*We have a cost-effective management profile, and attract and keep the best volunteer and paid workforce.

LD Resources Foundation does not enter into any royalty or profit sharing with manufacturers or other vendors.

About us
LD Resources Foundation, Inc. (LDRF) was created in 2001 to help students diagnosed with learning disabilities, dyslexia and ADHD. We created our annual awards program for learning-disabled students from financially- limited households. Our hope is that these awards will provide the necessary foundation by which these students can build a strong academic future. Personal Stories

The LDRFA.org Resource Center has assembled several sources of information to educate people on the pros and cons of different assistive technology tools and cutting edge technology. These tools are invaluable because they assist people with learning disabilities master such important tasks in college as studying for exams, completing reading assignments, taking notes in classes, and writing research papers. LDRF has participated and presented at many professional conferences and workshop for people who are affected. We have created workshops for educators. We know that people with various disabilities are successfully using assistive technology tools at work, college, and at home. List of Assistive Technologies

Advocacy From its inception, LDRF advocated for people with learning disabilities, so that institutions would be in compliance with ADA federal rules regarding their rights. We brought awareness to colleges and universities to make assistive technology available for students. We are listed at the New York City Commissioner’s Office of Disabilities under “advocacy support organization.

Our website

Student applicants from ODS office – LDRF created a program for college Offices for Disability Services (ODS), whereby students can apply directly to us for our assistance technology grants, with the help of ODS personnel. We waive the documentation requirement when an ODS office certifies that a student is registered as LD and/or ADHD at their offices.

We have donated assistive technology to various Offices of Disability Services when we found out that they were equipped with antiquated AT. We have trained at various post secondary institutions so that professors, deans and staff from ODS are able to support LD students.

Support line: We have created a new over-the-phone and email support system that highlights avenues for advocacy, advice and referrals.



LDRF is grateful to the continuing support provided by (in alphabetical order): Mark Deutsch, David Eisikovits, Terry Hudson, Linda Jacob, William Janowitz, Ira Kevelson, Jason Luchs, Edward Reiss, Isabella Reichel, Joanne Simon, Jimmy Nasser, Abby Smith, Shannon Stringer, Mark Surabian, Patricia Walsh, Alfred Wheeler.

We wish to acknowledge the Assistive Technology companies who have worked with LDRF to make our assistive technology awards possible by making equipment donations or providing discounted products for our programs.

Our thanks go out to all those at the schools, colleges libraries we have worked with over the past 14 years. We particularly thank the ODS staffs and students who have applied to us, who have made our program outcomes possible. We applaud their vision, and willingness to improve accommodations for future students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

Our contact information :

Contact Information:
LD Resources Foundation, Inc
229 E 85th St. P.O Box 1075, New York, N.Y 10028
Tel: 646-701-0000
email : info@ldrfa.org

Board Members
Zahavit Paz, Chairperson, Co-Founder
Ira Kevelson, Governance Committee Chair
Patricia Walsh, Finance Committee Chair
Dr. Isabella Reichel, Programs Committee
Alfred Wheeler-Governance committee
Jimmy Nasser, Co-Founder
Honorary Board Members
Linda Jacob, Co-Founder
William Janowitz

Advisory Board Members
David Eisikovits
Terry Hudson
Shannon Stringer
Jo Anne Simon