Thank you, LD Resources Foundation,

Julianna Farella is the president of Helping Hands Initiative, a nonprofit organization that assists individuals with disabilities. She brings personal experience to the community including being disabled herself with Multiple Sclerosis as well as working with individuals with disabilities. She is also the Public Education Ambassador for Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, a member of Who’s Who in Education and Healthcare and the Staten Island and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Farella has 2 Bachelor’s Degrees which are in Performing Arts and Business Management and has completed her Master’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and Nonprofit Management and will be pursuing her PH.D. in Business with a Concentration in Special Education. She also is a member of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and is working closely with Assemblyman Lou Tobacco to raise Autism Awareness particularly in our education system. Ms. Farella was also recognized as NY1’s Staten Islander of the week as well as a prominent figure at the United Nations where she witnessed the signing of the International Disability Doctrine.

HHI takes an active role in the local community, providing advocacy, medical insurance and physical exam assistance, referral and advisory services, housing options, interview and financial aid advice, workshops, and a music therapy/lessons program. We have concentrated on our programs for the last four years after research was completed showing that individuals with disabilities were not receiving the services needed to become as independent as possible.

By providing services such as the music therapy lessons program, we encourage our clients to express themselves by learning musical components while performing movement activities in a supportive environment, which has resulted in great success.

With all the wonderful accomplishments I have been diagnosed at the age of 18 with Learning disability and reconfirmed at the age of 30 by LD Resources Foundation has helped me to continue achieving my goals professionally and educationally by awarding me the Recognition Award in 2007 and key to Access Award in 2008.

I am now honored and accepted to serve as the Chair of the Student Committee for LD Resources Foundation.

Thank you!