Dear Ms. Paz,

I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude for the generous contribution that you and LD Resources have given me by awarding me the Key to Access. I believe this Key will open doors for me to earn my college degree and attend higher educational pursuits. I remember first finding out in December that LD Resources was going to award five students with learning disabilities from Hunter College the Key to Access. I did not apply because I thought I would not be eligible since I was not a full time student. Although I did not initially apply for the award, I was curious to learn more about this software, so I attended the award ceremony and demonstration held at the Office of AccessAbility at Hunter College. After a few minutes of watching the demonstration by Mr. Kenneth Grisham, I regretted not applying for the Key to Access award in December. While the group was taking a break from the lecture, I remember telling you why I did not at first apply for the Key. You were very supportive and understanding. Even though it was past the deadline to apply for the award, you encouraged me to apply anyway with the intention of being considered to receive one in the future. This gave me hope. I continued to participate in the demonstration and enjoyed learning how this remarkable Key worked. Mr. Grisham came over to my laptop and showed me how to use the talking word processor, talking dictionary and numerous functions with the universal reader. He showed me how easy it is to use. I appreciated that I was encouraged to ask questions and was treated with kindness and respect by everyone. During the second half of the demonstration, I was introduced to Dr. Isabella Reichel. We discussed speech therapy and she told me that she would help my boyfriend with his lisp. Throughout the afternoon, I prayed that somehow I would be awarded a Key to Access. Then after talking with you several times, by the end of the day, you basically told me I would be given a Key to Access if I applied. It was a marvelous day. I felt completely nurtured by the whole learning experience. I am grateful for all of your time, knowledge and expertise that you freely imparted to me.

Since being awarded the Key to Access, I have eagerly begun using it for my course work and online reading. The Key to Access program is improving my reading comprehension, and I am reading at a faster pace by reading texts many times in a shorter amount of time. I use the talking dictionary to look up words quickly and the talking word processor to assist me with my writing. These tools are already making me more self-reliant with my reading and writing.

Once again I would like to thank you and LD Resources for assisting me with my reading and writing fluency, so that I can make my dream of graduating college a reality. For me, the Key to Access has become the Key to Life!

Very truly yours,

Maria Curreri