Mother thinks I m lazy
Because I m a little slow
The truth is I try really hard
It s just she doesn t know
The kids at school
They laugh at me and call me ugly names
Like Slow Joe, air head and turtle brain
It hurts me when they call me names
But, it s ok because I m strong
Cause in only dyslexic not disabled
So I know that I ll go on.

I often feel lonely, sad and so confused
Cause the words are so jumbled up
That I fell like I m a fool
I ask myself, why me, what did I do wrong?
Is it because I m too stubborn or
Just because I was born.
My teacher says no honey, it s not at all
Your fault
It s a very slow process for you to get
Better, so be patient and hold on
Just remember you re dyslexic and not