Dear Ms. Paz,

I am enclosing a letter about the Access & Awards ceremony held on Thursday January 17, 2008 at the Hunter College office of Access & Technology.

The seminar portion of the ceremony discussed the key to Access program. It was of immense benefit because the company which created it – Premier Assistive Technology – has created systems which expand the Educational Employment and Social opportunities for the visually and physically disabled.

The award I won was significant because I not only received professional technical and employment support but also received emotional validation, a priceless gift. Although I’ve held both professional and volunteer positions, one as the Program Director of ‘Carol & Joes Extra Ordinary Life,’ the other as music Instructor at the New York Philanthropic League, I have never experienced the kind of validation I received from Premier Assistive Technologies and L.D. Resources.

The partnership between these organizations gives a message of hope and inclusion to those with varying degrees of disability and impairment. Because of this award, I will be able to achieve my future employment objectives as a rehabilitation Counselor, Music Therapist and certified Music Teacher.

Thank you so very much.


Nicholas Bochinis